Wednesday, December 15, 2010

W & W Wednesdays

So I've decided to declare Wednesdays as Weird & Wonderful Wednesdays. We all come across things that either really annoy us or make us appreciate things. I'm going to start making notes of these and see what comes of it. So here goes nothing:


• Walking down the stairs to see my husband standing in the kitchen, look at me, and say "why are you so dressed up". How long have we been married now? My attire is consistently changing, get used to it.

• Having your outfit "just so" and the hus comes up and changes something. I'll have my shirt tucked just a certain way, he has to come lift it up, zipper at a certainly level, he lowers it. I'll never understand the kick he gets from this. 

 • The words "power bra" popping into my head from a conversation Amy and I had last week. What a funny moment in time that was!

•  This annoying sound that is in the bathroom vent at work. It sounds as though a bird is having its last breath of air. And its only when the light is turned on, what could that possibly be?!

• Going to a gas station only to find the pump you've chosen doesn't want to work with you. You stare through the windows at clerk with laser beams in your eyes as if they're the ones to blame.

• 8 hour days at work that seem to last for AT LEAST 12. 


Shortly after the "dressed up" comment, he'll tell me I look beautiful.

• Running across that new band that you just can't get enough. Maybe they're not even new, but they're new to you, and that makes it wonderful.

• Checking out the bands music videos, and finding that are just inspiring. The angles, the lighting, the story, all

• People that are still willing to donate towards my moms fundraiser. ~Thank You!~

• Getting an email from an old friend who says one of my posts touched her, and asked me for advice. I'm no expert, but I'll do my damnedest to help you out.

• How watching the Grinch (Jim Carrey version) and having it still make me laugh like a 12 year old!

• Knowing next week at this time will start my MUCH NEEDED Christmas break!  And Amy and I will start to plot our next move in our crazy new adventure! Round up the antiques!

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! Heres the band, heres the video, they rock:


  1. I have a weird for you. My keyboard slidy thing attached to my desk just mysteriously fell off the hinges, no screws to be found. My keyboard is now appropriately sitting in my lap while the receptionist tries to fix it...and Im wearing a skirt. Happy Wed!

  2. I'm wearing a skirt too!! Those pictures to come soon. "kristys fashion week" HA. Sounds like someone played a little prank on you!