Wednesday, December 22, 2010

W&W Time

Happy Wednesday before Christmas everyone!! Been a little bit of a rough week, but I'm trying to stay positive. On top of it all, I have no voice! Throats been sore for 3 days now, some timing this is!! Hopefully better by Friday. So heres my weird and wonderful for ya:


*Post Office hours. I mean really, who are they kidding? Way to cut your work load back by making your hours 8:30-4. Don't know if ya'll got the memo, but the majority of people are 8 to 5ers. If you choose not to change your hours for the workin folk, could you least drive 50 more feet and set the package that won't fit in the box by 1/4", at our house? Thanks.

*Company reviews. Same story every time. They think they can change me, I think I can change them. Need I say more?!

*Timing. Never fails. Just when you need less stress, the most stressful situation occurs.  You're out of gas, so is the gas station. (no joke) Missed the call by a second, call right back, no answer. Timing IS everything.

*My love for old things. You name it, if its vintage looking, I'm probably goin to want it. I have no idea where I gained the love for this at. It might be getting out of hand...


*Its the holidays! AND we don't have 10 feet of snow on the ground!! I've done most my shopping online this year, but the few places I been out too, the people seem...a little less rude than normal. No fingers flying in the park lots or anything!

*Friends. Can't say enough about you guys. You make me feel really, neat. So loved. Value each and every one of you!

*Husband, who even on my worse day, makes me laugh. Nothing like coming home to wash my hands at the kitchen sink and having water sprayed directly in your face cause SOMEONE wrapped a rubber band around the sink hose. Classic.

*Being different. I've always caught crap, since the end of time, about my attire or tastes. It gives me a scene of confidence, knowing I can express who I am through the simplest things. Like these glasses, some just don't get it....and I love that.

Pretty weak list, but my brain is fryed, nighty night you guys!

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