Friday, December 24, 2010

5 Favorites

Christmas is here, and I'm home alone, sick. Some timing. Nothing much else to do but browse the world wide web. Which, I do about every day.  By the end of each week I usually have a few things I'm crushing on. Since I have nothing else to do today, I've decided on Fridays, I'm goin to share those things. 5 Friday Favorites. I really need to stop the whole, matching titles to the week day thing. Eh, guess its just worked out that way. Anyways, heres this weeks:

1. white, gold, and feathers. so elegant. (design sponge)
2. textures & lace. screams gorgeous. (uk vogue)
3. vintage furniture. i need to own this.(bloesem)
4. homemade christmas decor. (design sponge)
5. beautiful wrapping jobs. (design sponge)

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

W&W Time

Happy Wednesday before Christmas everyone!! Been a little bit of a rough week, but I'm trying to stay positive. On top of it all, I have no voice! Throats been sore for 3 days now, some timing this is!! Hopefully better by Friday. So heres my weird and wonderful for ya:


*Post Office hours. I mean really, who are they kidding? Way to cut your work load back by making your hours 8:30-4. Don't know if ya'll got the memo, but the majority of people are 8 to 5ers. If you choose not to change your hours for the workin folk, could you least drive 50 more feet and set the package that won't fit in the box by 1/4", at our house? Thanks.

*Company reviews. Same story every time. They think they can change me, I think I can change them. Need I say more?!

*Timing. Never fails. Just when you need less stress, the most stressful situation occurs.  You're out of gas, so is the gas station. (no joke) Missed the call by a second, call right back, no answer. Timing IS everything.

*My love for old things. You name it, if its vintage looking, I'm probably goin to want it. I have no idea where I gained the love for this at. It might be getting out of hand...


*Its the holidays! AND we don't have 10 feet of snow on the ground!! I've done most my shopping online this year, but the few places I been out too, the people seem...a little less rude than normal. No fingers flying in the park lots or anything!

*Friends. Can't say enough about you guys. You make me feel really, neat. So loved. Value each and every one of you!

*Husband, who even on my worse day, makes me laugh. Nothing like coming home to wash my hands at the kitchen sink and having water sprayed directly in your face cause SOMEONE wrapped a rubber band around the sink hose. Classic.

*Being different. I've always caught crap, since the end of time, about my attire or tastes. It gives me a scene of confidence, knowing I can express who I am through the simplest things. Like these glasses, some just don't get it....and I love that.

Pretty weak list, but my brain is fryed, nighty night you guys!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stressful Times Call For Great Foods

When I first got married, it wasn't a secret, I wasn't much of a cook. I had a few specialties, but it never tripped my fancy. It wasn't that I couldn't cook, or ever came close to burning the house down, I just never had a reason to get good at it. Until I married a man who,undoubtedly, needs at least 3 big meals a day! Now when I say 3, I mean 3 different categories of the food group. Example, if we have something with noodles in it at lunch, we can't have anything with noodles in it that night, or the next day! Tricky, right??! But, in his defense, it has pushed me to eat healthier, and become more creative with foods. Which is exactly what I needed.

Lately the stress level has been at an all time high, which I've read, will cause people to eat more. I haven't found the need to eat more, but I have wanted to cook more. I've been cooking like mad! I've really been experimenting with my own recipes. Below are a few things from this past week:

The "caddi" of all ham sandwiches. Deeeelish!!

Burritos that my hubby says "kick mcdonalds ass"... maybe not saying some, but we love mickey d burritos!

Little soup & salad night at the Burrows's. Homemade noodles my mom taught me, pretty much my favorite food, ever.

 Peanut butter cupcakes, not for the weak! 
And the best for last. My first attempt at making carmel apples, not so pretty, but the story to follow was priceless! No joke, while typing this blog, the hus came upstairs with one in hand. I apologized for their not so snazzy appeal, but that never stops him. He's eating, I'm talking, and typing,  then "oh noooo"  I look over and he's spitting out pieces. I was like "oh nooo" is it bad? No, he said, its so good I forgot it was an apple! He ate everything but the lower half. Stem and all!! How does that even happen?!!? I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time!!  Picture is now blog worthy!

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

W & W Wednesdays

So I've decided to declare Wednesdays as Weird & Wonderful Wednesdays. We all come across things that either really annoy us or make us appreciate things. I'm going to start making notes of these and see what comes of it. So here goes nothing:


• Walking down the stairs to see my husband standing in the kitchen, look at me, and say "why are you so dressed up". How long have we been married now? My attire is consistently changing, get used to it.

• Having your outfit "just so" and the hus comes up and changes something. I'll have my shirt tucked just a certain way, he has to come lift it up, zipper at a certainly level, he lowers it. I'll never understand the kick he gets from this. 

 • The words "power bra" popping into my head from a conversation Amy and I had last week. What a funny moment in time that was!

•  This annoying sound that is in the bathroom vent at work. It sounds as though a bird is having its last breath of air. And its only when the light is turned on, what could that possibly be?!

• Going to a gas station only to find the pump you've chosen doesn't want to work with you. You stare through the windows at clerk with laser beams in your eyes as if they're the ones to blame.

• 8 hour days at work that seem to last for AT LEAST 12. 


Shortly after the "dressed up" comment, he'll tell me I look beautiful.

• Running across that new band that you just can't get enough. Maybe they're not even new, but they're new to you, and that makes it wonderful.

• Checking out the bands music videos, and finding that are just inspiring. The angles, the lighting, the story, all

• People that are still willing to donate towards my moms fundraiser. ~Thank You!~

• Getting an email from an old friend who says one of my posts touched her, and asked me for advice. I'm no expert, but I'll do my damnedest to help you out.

• How watching the Grinch (Jim Carrey version) and having it still make me laugh like a 12 year old!

• Knowing next week at this time will start my MUCH NEEDED Christmas break!  And Amy and I will start to plot our next move in our crazy new adventure! Round up the antiques!

Happy Hump Day Ya'll! Heres the band, heres the video, they rock:

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whoooo Wants Ordinary?

Tis that time of year! And I'm not talking about the holidays. I'm talking about that time of the year when one of my closest friends is about to pop! Time has ticked away faster than I ever could have imagined. One day she's sending me a picture of a quarter telling me, that is the size of her baby. The next its a pineapple, (which I still think is a horrible visual!) and soon it will be the size of a pumpkin!

Naturally, a shower had to be thrown. Its no secret that I'm not a girly girl when it comes to this sort of thing. I just don't get all ooooo and ahhhhhhy when a little shirt is pulled out of a bag. Its just a shirt ladies. You've seen it a million times. I also get annoyed by having to go to the store with a little list in hand. Almost always, they never have the item, or its in a totally different isle than what is stated and takes forever to find! This time, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Use my creativity and uniqueness for a shower gift.

Another chum of mine, who is insanely talented, has her own business making....well, a collaboration of things. Monster balls mainly. I work with her on a daily basis and asked if she could make a owl ball to go along with the invites and poster I had already made. It turned out awesome!! I think together, these two little things will be a nice addition to their nursery! This was so much more fun to give, than the ordinary lotion and diapers! I'll leave those gifts up to the normal people.

Anyone whooooo wants to see more of Amys work visit:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Test

Finding the right words for this post might be a struggle. I'm a strong believer in cliche saying "what doesn't kill you will make you stronger". My mom is a walking test to this. Ten years now, and I can honestly say I don't recall a day when she complained about her cancer. Had her days, tests, and tears, yes. But never carried around that "pour pity me" attitude.
Cancer has been a big part of my life for some time now. Its almost as if when I hear the word, I'm numb to it. Just another step in life so to speak. When an unexpected friend stepped in and asked what I thought about throwing my mom a fundraiser, I jumped on the opportunity. Talk about a test. Its was a test to my parents, my strength, and my friendships. So interesting to see who comes through when you really need it, and who acts as though they could care less. In the end, the experience was very humbling, and the turn out was everything we had hoped for. I really can't thank those whos helped out enough.
To any of you going through what I am, stay strong. Thats my biggest advice. If you feel yourself about to break down, never do it around them. They feel guilty the way it is. Be there for them, love them, and support them. Surround yourself with amazing friends and tell yourself this really will make you stronger. Look up to people like my mom, who never stop fighting, and who never give up on "the test."

Our dinning room prior to set up. Just a FEW items!  

Two of the lovely ladies I couldn't have done without. Thank you so, so much!

Koozies we had made for the event. Little play on word action!

My mom, the Warrior.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh How The Turn Tables.......

What a year. Its December, and I just realized my last post was in February. Not a single post in between, not even a flinch or flicker on thinking about posting something. This year has been, a test, to say the least. I've gone through a lot of heartache and growing up. I've decided I want to try and tackle this blog thing a little better, use it almost as a journal, and just get my thoughts out there. This one I'm afraid, might get a little lengthy considering its basically a year end wrap up.

Photography wise, this year was great. October was my shining month. I had a blast trying, pushing, and testing myself in every aspect. The end result was what I had hoped for out of this business. Satisfying. The people you meet along the way are true lifesavers. Sure every once in awhile you get that stubborn male, who, for whatever reason just won't break a smile to save his life. That bride who wants everything to be so perfect she's freaking everyone else out around her. Or maybe its just that young kid who screams at the site of a stranger with a camera in hand. These things are all real, but I think what I love. Its always different, and like myself, is exactly what I dig the most. Its truly something when you run into that one person at a wedding who it was an honor just to have met. I got that chance this year, but it wasn't just one, it was a whole group of people. A biker group none the less, the people, who when I'm behind the wheel of a car, I hate the most! They all had gotten back from Iraq the night before the wedding. Their stories were amazing. Those people, I will never forget, and always in the back of my mind, thank.

Then comes the heartache. One word can sum it up. Cancer. This deadly, deadly thing, I can only hope catches a case of its own medicine someday real soon. For the fourth time, my mother received the horrible news. The cancer had returned. Pure heartache. Once again. It has truly taken a toll on me this time. Thank god for my husband, friends, and the family I have that really do care. Without them, my life maybe no life at all.

I've decided to post a few pictures to wrap this thing up. There's something in each one that tells a story to me. How much we truly do need each other. How strong love is, new or old. How something so small, changes your entire world. To the people in these pictures, I thank you. You've all made feel, realize, or appreciate different parts in life:

That becoming a mom should be exciting, not scary. And even though you have a "pineapple" inside your belly, you're amazing beautiful.

A family I can't believe I'm part of. The love they show each other is endless. What they have is what every family strives for. And they do it effortlessly.

A couple who, in high school, never really even talked. Who's wedding was full of love and more laughs than I had ever seen. Definitely what its all about.

Babies, kids, and families who make my job more challenging.

Beautiful couples who entertain me with all their crazy stories.

Having a great friend finally find that one person that makes them happy.

The kid who loves the camera and could pose all day long.

Young love. We all need to enjoy it.

In the end, love really is all we need. Happy Holidays Everyone.