Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So It Appears As Though....

Its Wednesday. I'm back to work and teaching myself how to get back in the saddle again. As it would turn out, I'm starting to become a believer in all that "it happens for a reason" bs. The anger and loss of my Mom is bringing out my creative chaos that goes on in my head more than ever! If I can get my act together, good things will be on the way!

Now, back to why I'm here, its Wednesday. Which now has 2 meanings, in 3 words : Idol, Weird, Wonderful. Here we go:


* How I can spend so much time cleaning one room, to only carry half the crap into another, and make yet ANOTHER one a mess!! UGH!

* Starting to type something, only to learn 5 words, sometimes even an entire sentence in, I wasn't on the home row! Case and point, chatting on gmail with a friend, hit enter...lord. Complete Spanish. Her not missing a beat, replies with " Holy Home Row!!!" That made me smile.

* Things people will say to you, or judge you for, when they don't understand or know the half of it. We're all guilty of it, I know I am. I just wish we weren't so fast on doing it.

* Learning life can be summed up in 3 words "it goes on"


* The love I've been shown lately. Couple gifts in the mail from some old friends, who really melted my heart. #thankyou#

* The game the hus and I play at the grocery store. Closet to the total amount wins, losers makes dinner that night. Last time we went I guessed $140....TOTAL $140.20 SUCKA!!!! (that'll never happen again)

* As stated before, the craziness of what I've been through lately, is really bringing out the best in me. I've come up with some photo shoots I'm extremely excited to share with you all!!

* My new job!!! Loving it!!! Thank you Signs & Scumbags for firing me! Best thing you ever could have done for me!

* The voicemail I still have on my phone of the last message my Mom left me. I listen to it every day. Some days it brings tears, but lately, I can smile about it.

* This sweet picture I did at work today!! Simple to some, but I had never thought myself how to add flames and smoke on an object! Photoshop skilz, here I come!

 Happy Idol Watching! Go James!

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