Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful You

This post is in memory of my mom. She truly was my everything, through the good and the bad. A year ago today mom's pain was taken away and my life forever changed. Within that year I think the distress of loosing her has actually increased than it has lessened. A piece of my heart died that day and I've accepted the fact that I won't get it back. Death is inevitable, but to go too soon is a struggle for those left behind. We spend every day asking why, wishing for more time, wondering if they're in a better place or able to look down on us, and just longing to see their face once again.

To those of you who have lost a parent or loved one from cancer, you understand, and we will forever have a special bond because of it. I have met several people this year who have been through a similar situation, we all walk with a bit of a heavy heart. To those of you going through it right now, stay strong and surround yourself with a great support group.To those of you who have helped me through this past year, thank you.

It would be easy for me to just hide under my covers today with a bottle of wine and feel sorry for myself. Instead, I'm going to celebrate my moms life. I've gathered up some pictures of how I remember her. The daughter that every one swore was going to be a boy, the little sister, the wife, the mother, the lady you didn't dare cross cause she'd put you in your place, the biggest animal lover on the planet, the best smile, the lady with 9 lives (the red mustang was her after the train hit her) the person who pushed and motivated me growing up, the lady who's greatest gift was teaching so many how to be brave,  the warrior who gave cancer a 11 year battle with a smile on her face.  I see my mom more clear and more beautiful than I ever imagined I could. So mom, this is to you, the beautiful, beautiful you...

I love you. 

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  1. Beautiful. Evidence of a full life. Love you Kris and proud of how you live your life in a way that honors your Mom and her legacy.